Do Well While Doing Good

As an Alternative Staffing Organization, the Harmon business model combines the services of a staffing firm with the social mission of a workforce development agency.

What We Do Well

Provide access to well-screened, trained, reliable employees and the knowledge that you are helping your community to thrive while accomplishing your business goals:

  • Increase productivity
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Reduce turnover
  • Add flexibility to your workforce
  • Improve retention

How We Do Good

We support our associates so they can support you. Everyone wins! Our approach includes offering each employee:

  • Pre- and post-placement support that gives them what they need to excel on the job
  • FREE online training programs through the Harmon Career Resource Center
  • Development of personal management skills through the Harmon Career Readiness Program which mentally and emotionally prepares them for employment

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

  • If you are pleased with an employee, you can convert them to full time, free of charge after 480 hours
  • If an employee doesn’t live up to your expectations within the first four hours of the shift, let us know, and we will replace the employee with no charge for the hours worked
  • Harmon employees are bonded, insured, and most importantly, guaranteed

It’s a better approach to managing your staffing needs.

Request an employee or contact us.

Our Services:

Temporary Staffing

Adapt to unpredictable demand, complete projects on schedule, control overhead, and increase flexibility and productivity.


Try a candidate on the job before considering the candidate for a full-time roll (no conversion charge!).

Direct Hire

Find the right person faster and with less effort on your part. We handle sourcing and screening; you choose from the top prospects.

Payroll Service

Place the temporary employees of your choice on our payroll. We’ll handle paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation and benefits.