Alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) deliver value to their customers, promote workplace success for people with obstacles to employment and raise standards for sourcing entry-level workers. The model’s market-based approach leverages charitable support with fees charged to employers, making it a highly cost effective and sustainable workforce development strategy.

ASOs deliver high value to employer customers

ASOs are specialists in effectively placing and supporting disadvantaged workers.
ASOs understand the challenges of their target populations and how to effectively address them.
ASOs provide employees with comprehensive supports that promote worker retention and individual development.
ASOs deliver high returns to charitable foundations and government agencies that invest in them
Fee revenues generally cover at least 75% of an ASO’s operating costs, efficiently leveraging grant investments.
Fee revenues lower the average cost per jobseeker served compared with other transitional employment models.

ASOs are an effective, sustainable workforce development strategy

Temporary staffing is the fastest growing segment of the workforce and a key pathway to employment. Over half of all employers use temp staffing agencies to find good permanent workers.
ASOs are highly responsive and adaptive to changes in their markets.
Temporary job assignments offer jobseekers an effective way to build their resume, develop job skills and self-confidence, and experience an occupation or work environment while demonstrating their reliability and value to potential employers.
ASOs offer part-time jobs for individuals who want to enroll in education and training programs to improve their longer-term employment prospects.
As competitive staffing suppliers, ASOs receive candid feedback from customers about employees’ performance and use this information to help individuals develop appropriate workforce skills and behaviors.
ASOs provide comprehensive supports to help individuals with barriers to employment obtain jobs and skills needed for upward mobility and permanent job placement.

ASOs help to raise standards of staffing industry practice

In fulfilling job orders, ASOs consider the mutual interests of both workers and employers.
ASOs discourage unfair treatment of vulnerable or disenfranchised workers.
ASOs demonstrate to employers that worker-focused staffing is a high-value option, especially for sourcing entry-level workers.